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Weather refund promotions still all the rage

22nd December 2010

At this time of year retailers all over the world are hoping it doesn’t snow. If you’re a UK retailer you may be a little disappointed and be glancing up at the sky nervously. Why? Well there’s a chance you’re running a weather refund promotion which means you could be literally giving your products away […]

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Weather refund promotions taking off in the UK

5th November 2010

Finding ways to smooth your revenue stream whatever the weather is becoming easier with more types of weather risk transfer and weather insurance products available than ever before. Finding ways to refund your customers if the weather’s bad and not lose out yourself is increasing in popularity too it seems.

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Now you can guarantee your holiday against a hurricane

26th July 2009

We’ve written pretty extensively about weather refund promotions which are becoming popular as a way to pass on some risk protection to customers and entice them to book their trip with less regard for how the weather might actually turn out. Most of the promotions we’ve covered have been protecting against rainfall, lack of sunshine […]

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Now whole countries can guarantee the weather…

6th May 2009

…Although it helps when you’re only 165 square miles in area. The Barbados Tourism Authority has become the latest travel related organisation to utilise Weatherbill’s coverage to offer a weather guarantee to holiday makers and visitors to their island. As with all of these deals the idea is to stimulate bookings by attracting people to […]

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Sporting events can offer weather refunds too

6th April 2009

Weather refund promotions and weather insurance are common these days, holidays, festivals and retail outlets are all offering money back or discounts if the weather is inclement. Sporting events seem like a natural avenue for the weather risk management companies to venture down. However, consider football (soccer for anyone in the U.S.). In the UK […]

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