Mortgage insurance-linked notes or mortgage insurance-linked securities (ILS)

The list below shows mortgage insurance-linked notes or mortgage insurance-linked securities (ILS) transactions that have taken place in the reinsurance and capital markets, most recent deals at the top. Details of the cedents, sponsors and the facilitating service providers, as well as the size of the mortgage insurance-linked securitization transaction, plus links to articles on Artemis covering these mortgage ILS are included.


This may not be an exhaustive list of mortgage insurance-linked notes or mortgage insurance-linked securities (ILS) transactions so please contact us if you know of any others.

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Bellemeade Re 2019-4 Ltd.Arch Capital Group Ltd.$577.28mOct 2019
Oaktown Re III Ltd.National Mortgage Insurance Corporation$327mJul 2019
Bellemeade Re 2019-3 Ltd.Arch Capital Group Ltd.$700.92mJul 2019
Radnor Re 2019-2 Ltd.Essent Guaranty$333.84mJun 2019
Home Re 2019-1 Ltd.MGIC Investment Corporation$315.74mMay 2019
Bellemeade Re 2019-2 Ltd.Arch Capital Group Ltd.$621mApr 2019
Eagle Re 2019-1 Ltd.Radian Guaranty$562mApr 2019
Bellemeade Re 2019-1 Ltd.Arch Capital Group Ltd.$341.79mMar 2019
Radnor Re 2019-1 Ltd.Essent Guaranty$473.18mFeb 2019
Eagle Re 2018-1 Ltd.Radian Guaranty$434mNov 2018
Home Re 2018-1 Ltd.MGIC Investment Corporation$318.6mOct 2018
Bellemeade Re 2018-3 Ltd.Arch Capital Group Ltd.$506.11mOct 2018
Bellemeade Re 2018-2 Ltd.Arch Capital Group Ltd.$653.3mAug 2018
Oaktown Re II Ltd.National Mortgage Insurance Corporation$264.55mJul 2018
Bellemeade Re 2018-1 Ltd.Arch Capital Group Ltd.$374.46mApr 2018
Radnor Re 2018-1 Ltd.Essent Guaranty$424.412mMar 2018
Bellemeade Re 2017-1 Ltd.Arch Capital Group Ltd.$368mOct 2017
Oaktown Re Ltd. (Series 2017-1)National Mortgage Insurance Corporation$211.32mMay 2017
Bellemeade Re II Ltd. (Series 2016-1)United Guaranty (AIG)$298.6mMay 2016
Bellemeade Re Ltd. (Series 2015-1)United Guaranty (AIG)$298.89Jul 2015