Weather risk management for utilities & energy

A selection of articles and papers on weather risk management for utilities & energy firms, including the use of weather derivatives or weather hedging in the energy industry.

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Extreme events, global warming, and insurance-linked securities: How to trigger the “tipping point”
The Geneva Papers 2008

Weather Risk Management – A challenge for the energy industry
CelsiusPro Jul 2009

A better climate for disaster risk management
Climate and Society

Severe Weather Risk Management Survey – Final Report 2012
Eurocontrol Apr 2013

Weather Market overview

New Tools of the Risk Trade 
PMA Online Magazine Jul 1998

Betting against God
Forbes Jun 1998

Hedging your Megawatts
Journal of Accountancy Nov 1999

Weather Derivatives and Their Implications for Power Markets
Don Ellithorpe and Scott Putnam 2000

Taking the Risk Out of Weather 
ACHNews Jul 2001

Weather Derivatives – A New Risk Management Solution for Solar Power Plants
Rainer Kistner & Michael Geyer

Weather Risk Management: A Survivor of the Collapse/Demise of U.S. Energy Merchants
R J Rudden Associates 2002

Betting on the weather
Global Energy Business Jul 2001

Using Weather Derivatives to Improve the Efficiency of Forward Markets for Electricity
Department of Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University 2002

Exotic Weather Derivatives
The Risk Desk 2001

Risk Management for Weather-Sensitive Distribution Revenue 
Energy Central Feb 2003

Using weather futures as weather forecasts
Weather Risk and Return, Vishu Kulkarni

Taking the Weather Option
Public Utilities Jul 2003

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