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November 12th to 18th 2020 - Online & virtual mix of conference keynotes and panel sessions

Prospectus 2021 is the first edition of a new annual reinsurance and insurance-linked securities (ILS) market conference brought to you by both Artemis and Reinsurance News.

As attendees of our Artemis ILS conferences will know, our goal is to bring you forward-looking, thoughtfully-curated events that meet the intellectual and networking needs of attendees and speakers, while also delivering the exposure our sponsors want.

“Prospectus” is a new annual reinsurance and insurance-linked securities (ILS) conference that brings together the traditional and alternative, to discuss what really matters to the market at a key point in the calendar.

You can now watch every session on-demand.

With the January renewal negotiations well-underway by this time, the US hurricane season almost over, and thoughts firmly on the following year’s opportunities, Prospectus 2021 will deliver thought-provoking discussion on issues of the day, as well as a valuable outlook to the next year.

The word “Prospectus” is taken from the latin for forward (pro) and look (specere), also meaning to view or prospect ahead, so we feel this sets the right tone for a constructive conversation at this key point in the year.

Virtual for this year, in person somewhere around the globe when we can, “Prospectus 2021” sessions will all be broadcast live online, but every session will also be available on-demand for those who cannot tune in live, so the content will live forever.

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Hear discussions on the key issues of the day for traditional reinsurance and insurance-linked securities (ILS) markets. Learn what really matters as the January renewals fast approach and what the hot topics are for 2021.

  • Key renewal negotiation points
  • The effect of COVID-19
  • Climate risk effects on perils
  • Capital raising and start-up outlook

As a conference, “Prospectus” is designed to be agnostic as to capital source, corporate structure, or form of balance-sheet, instead being focused purely on the issues that affect everyone across reinsurance and insurance-linked securities (ILS).

As a result, you will hear topics of interest to insurers, reinsurers, brokers, investors, asset managers, service providers and anyone else for who reinsurance & ILS presents an opportunity or interest.

Find out what matters to the industry & what experts have to say about it.

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“Prospectus 2021” is focused on topics that we think matter to both the traditional reinsurance and insurance-linked securities (ILS) market during the final quarter of the year.

Beginning on Thursday November 12th, the conference offered between one and two webcast sessions each day, across five days up until Wednesday November 18th. More than 1,000 people watched the conference live, while many more can now watch each session on-demand.

Use the links below to watch the event on-demand.

November 12th (Thursday):

Panel: COVID-19 outlook for the re/insurance & ILS industry.

  • David Flandro, Managing Director, Analytics, Hx.
  • Joanna Syroka, Director of New Markets, Fermat Capital Management, LLC.
  • Peter Giacone, Managing Director and Global Head of Insurance, Kroll Bond Rating Agency.
  • Linda Johnson, Head of Legacy Practice, TigerRisk Partners.

Keynote: Peak catastrophe perils and the climate factor.

  • Dr. Jamie Rodney, Executive Director, ILS Analytics, Twelve Capital.
November 13th (Friday):

Panel: What matters for Chief Investment Officers going into 2021.

  • Van Hesser, Chief Strategist, Kroll Bond Rating Agency.
  • Jason Pratt,  Head of Insurance Fixed Income, Neuberger Berman.
  • Vin DeLucia,  Chief Investment Officer, New England Asset Management, Inc.
  • Paul Norris, Managing Director, Head of Structured Products, Conning.
November 16th (Monday):

Panel: Terms & Conditions - the need for precision.

  • Michael Millette, Founder & Managing Partner,
    Hudson Structured Capital Management.
  • Heather Kitson, Deputy CEO, Convex Re.
  • James Parker, Chief Claims Officer, AXIS Re.

Panel: Capital - Constraints, fundraising successes and challenges.

  • Stephan Ruoff, Head of Schroder Secquaero.
  • Henning Ludolphs, Managing Director, Retrocession & Capital Markets, Hannover Re.
  • Greg Hagood, Co-Founder, Nephila Capital.
  • John Butler, Managing Director, Cohen & Company.
November 17th (Tuesday):

Keynote: The Four Horsemen of 2021 (key reinsurance risks that won't go away).

  • Tom Johansmeyer, Head of PCS, Verisk Insurance Solutions.

Panel: Secondary perils and climate risk.

  • Kelly Hereid, Director, Catastrophe R&D, Liberty Mutual Insurance.
  • Steve Bowen, Director & Meteorologist, Head of Catastrophe Insight, Aon.
  • Andreas Weigel, Weather Perils Lead, Swiss Re.
November 18th (Wednesday):

Panel: Renewal negotiation update.

  • Adam Szakmary, Director of Underwriting - Bermuda, Hiscox Re & ILS
  • Julia Chu, Chief Risk Officer, Markel Corporation.
  • Lorenzo Volpi, Partner, Leadenhall Capital Partners LLP.

Panel: Outlook 2021 - Using tech to drive better reinsurance outcomes.

  • Sean Bourgeois, CEO, Tremor Technologies.
  • Claude Yoder, Head of Analytics, Lockton Re.
  • Carol Pierce, Senior Director, Insurance, Kroll Bond Rating Agency.

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