Operational Re III Ltd


Credit Suisse’s Operational Re cat bond said at-risk on Archegos & Greensill

According to Bloomberg news, the Operational Re III Ltd. operational risk catastrophe bond is viewed by investors and holders as potentially at-risk on the challenges faced by the beneficiary of the coverage, investment bank Credit Suisse, due to the Archegos and Greensill Capital issues. The $461.22 million operational risk catastrophe bond read the full article →

Credit Suisse gets $461m Operational Re III op-risk cat bond coverage

A new $461.22 million operational risk catastrophe bond transaction has successfully been issued, with the ultimate beneficiary of the operational risk insurance protection provided by the new Operational Re III Ltd. deal being investment banking giant Credit Suisse, Artemis has learned. This is the third and the largest operational risk catastrophe read the full article →