Gibraltar launches protected cell company (PCC) for ILS

The Government of Gibraltar has announced new legislation to support a protected cell company (PCC) designed specifically for the insurance linked securities (ILS) sector. Known as an SPV PCC the 100% collateralised vehicles are Gibraltar's newest offering to encourage ILS business to its shores. Gibraltar has been working steadily over the read the full article →

Gibraltar targets ILS funds with Exchange-Traded Instruments

The Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX) plans to allow the listing of Exchange-Traded Instruments (ETI's) from December 2015. ETI's, based on special purpose vehicles, can be backed by alternative investments, making them suitable for ILS funds looking for an exchange listing. These Exchange-Traded Instruments expand the ability of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange read the full article →

Horseshoe Group opens as insurance & ILS manager in Gibraltar

Specialist Bermuda-headquartered insurance-linked securities management, servicing, transformation and fronting firm Horseshoe Group has had its license to operate in Gibraltar approved, meaning Gibraltar is now open for ILS business. Gibraltar recently finalised and published its guidelines for insurance-linked securities (ILS), as a first step on the way to attracting ILS, catastrophe bond read the full article →

Gibraltar finalises, publishes insurance-linked securities (ILS) guidelines

Gibraltar's financial regulator, the Financial Services Commission (FSC), has finalized and published its guidelines for insurance-linked securities (ILS) following a consultation process with input from ILS experts from around the world. Gibraltar, like many other domiciles, is readying its regulatory environment to be able to act as a domicile and host read the full article →

Gibraltar to target catastrophe bond and ILS business

Gibraltar is the latest domicile which, having noticed the burgeoning interest in insurance-linked securities (ILS) and the growth of the catastrophe bond market, is actively looking to target cat bond and ILS business and encourage it to Gibraltar. Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory located at the southern tip of Spain read the full article →