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Catastrophe bonds and their evolution to address credit risk

17th September 2009

2009 has been the year that catastrophe bonds evolved to avoid the credit risk issues of the past caused by reliance on a total return swap counterparty for collateral. After the credit crisis proved that all financial instruments have some degree of correlation to the wider financial markets transactions completed this year have all taken […]

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Catastrophe bonds for the financial banking systems

10th June 2009

We’ve mentioned in the past the potential for catastrophe bonds to be utilised by the banking systems as a way to protect against the failures we’ve seen due to the global financial meltdown. Now, the International Monetary Fund has published a working paper which suggests exactly that as a possible left-field approach to protecting financial […]

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Improvements in cat bond deal structure bode well for market

9th March 2009

After all the troubles of the second half of 2008, Lehman Brothers collapse, cat bond downgrades and financial market (initial) meltdown, entities issuing catastrophe bonds seem to have taken heed of investor and rating agency worries. Recent cat bond deals in the first quarter of 2009 have all shown a willingness to address the issues […]

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Catastrophe bonds out of favour, but still one of the best investments

10th December 2008

Bloomberg is carrying another article discussing the current lack of interest in catastrophe bonds from an investment point of view. The current economic climate combined with the collapse of Lehman Brothers has caused a massive drop in investor confidence and reluctance among issuers to launch new deals. A side effect of that and much discussed […]

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Catastrophe bonds on hold; pipeline to flow again soon

24th November 2008

There’s a Reuters story (available here via Insurance Journal) in the press discussing the current slowness in the catastrophe bond market despite the fact that they remain in favour with investors. The story highlights the fact that there are at least $2b worth of bonds in the pipeline some (or all) of which may get […]

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How the credit crisis is affecting the re/insurance market

21st November 2008

At times like these any source of background data and information is welcome to help understanding of the impact of the credit crisis on your markets. With stock markets declining, oil prices falling by the day, businesses folding and consumer confidence waning how will this impact the reinsurance and insurance markets? Well the Geneva Association […]

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