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Busy hurricane season in 2010 doesn’t equal high losses

30th November 2010

So it’s the 30th of November, the final day of the 2010 Atlantic tropical storm and hurricane season, so time to take a brief look back at the season just gone. Despite being extremely active, with 19 named storms, the 2010 hurricane season will be best known for the lack of U.S. mainland impact.

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Hurricane season; it’s not over till it’s over

4th November 2010

The 2010 Atlantic tropical storm and hurricane season has certainly proved to be as active as the forecasts suggested it would be even without the volume of landfalling events that were forecast. We’re currently up to 19 names storms this year and some forecasters are suggesting that we can expect more.

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Good chance of further Atlantic tropical storm activity in October

6th October 2010

The 2010 Atlantic tropical storm and hurricane season has been unusual in many ways. We’ve witnessed some extremely powerful storms and intense activity in the Atlantic and yet losses and landfalls have been light. Officially, the Atlantic hurricane season ends on the 30th November but the next two weeks are the most likely for a […]

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Earl now a Category 4 hurricane, threatens the U.S. East Coast

31st August 2010

The Atlantic tropical storm season has kicked off with a vengeance. There are three named storms in the Atlantic right now; Danielle which reached Category 3 but never threatened land, Earl (more about him later) and Fiona who is a few days off becoming a hurricane. Both Danielle and Earl have blown up to become […]

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2010 Atlantic tropical storm & hurricane season coverage

3rd August 2010

We’ve just launched our 2010 Atlantic tropical storm & hurricane season information page! Every year Artemis provides its readers with a page dedicated to Atlantic storms which can help you to keep up to date with all the latest happenings in the Atlantic basin and Gulf of Mexico as storms develop. This page features tracking […]

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WSI lowers their hurricane season forecast (by one)

21st July 2010

You may be forgiven for thinking that hurricane forecasters were being overzealous with their predictions. The high number of storms predicted seemed almost impossible after the quiet season experienced last year and now, over a month in, the season seems benign so far. WSI Corp have revisited their forecast and adjusted it although not as […]

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Ana continues west, Tropical Storm Bill forms behind

15th August 2009

Tropical storm Ana is continuing her journey west across the Atlantic with little change in strength so far. Still carrying sustained winds of only 40mph she is heading for the Antilles and beyond that the Leeward Islands, Puerto Rico and Cuba. Earlier we wrote that another storm could be hot on her heels and sure […]

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