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Companies who engage in weather hedging see increase in firm value

Whether risk management practices such as hedging actually have an effect on firm value of those engaging in such practices is highly debated in wider economic circles. Those involved in hedging or risk management sectors such as reinsurance can of course see the value in a well placed hedge, but read the full article →

March 2012 was the warmest on record in the U.S.

Here on Artemis we often discuss the vagaries of the weather and climate and this March was certainly an unusual month worth commenting on. The U.S. saw the warmest March on record since 1950, based on natural gas weighted Heated Degree Days (GWHDDs), according to an MDA EarthSat Weather press read the full article →

UK councils look to weather derivatives for winter weather hedge

The UK's Guardian newspaper reports that some of the local councils in the UK (local government authorities) are seriously looking at weather derivatives as a way to hedge the excess costs of severe winter weather. The UK has been hit by two severely cold winters with unusual amounts of snow read the full article →

Energy markets still the primary users of weather risk management tools

At the recent Weather Risk Management Association's (WRMA) 13th annual meeting held in Houston, Texas earlier this month participants on a panel about power and natural gas agreed that the energy markets continue to be the primary users of weather hedging and weather risk management tools. The energy markets including power read the full article →