typhoon Nangka


Typhoon Nangka forecast sees damaging wind, rain, surge for Japan

Typhoon Nangka continues on its forecast path towards Japan's southern coastline, with the now weakening storm still threatening damaging winds, torrential rainfall and a storm surge which could inundate some coastal areas. Typhoon Nangka's forecast has been tempered some what in recent days, as the once strong Category 3 typhoon moderated read the full article →

Typhoon Nangka to hit Japan, risk to Aozora & Akibare II cat bonds?

Typhoon Nangka is heading for a landfall later this week in Japan (late Thursday), with a recent forecast suggesting that the storm could maintain Category 2 strength at that point, putting insurance and reinsurance contracts at risk, as well as the Aozora Re and Akibare II catastrophe bonds. Note, latest Typhoon read the full article →