ILS can challenge reinsurance capacity in Asia: MS Amlin’s Ho

In emerging Asia, there are opportunities for insurance-linked securities (ILS), despite the perception that reinsurance markets across the region remain in a developing phase, according to William Ho, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MS Amlin Asia Pacific, and Head of Reinsurance for Asia, MS Amlin. With the exception of Japan, which read the full article →

Signs of rates levelling off, but ILS returns still attractive: ILS Asia 2021

After several years of rate and term improvements, notably in the property catastrophe arena, there are signs the market is levelling off. But generally, returns in the insurance-linked securities (ILS) market remain attractive, according to industry experts. After years of soft market conditions, elevated catastrophe claims, dangerously low interest rates and read the full article →

Hong Kong’s ILS regime must show its competitiveness: ILS Asia 2021

While the Hong Kong regulator’s insurance-linked securities (ILS) grant scheme is expected to attract sponsors to the region, the new regime must show its competitiveness against existing and established ILS domiciles, say industry experts. Hong Kong’s emergence as a new Asian domicile for the issuance of catastrophe bond and ILS transactions read the full article →

Regional sponsors important to sustain Asian ILS domiciles: Schultz at ILS Asia

With Singapore now an active hub for catastrophe bonds and insurance-linked securities (ILS) and with Hong Kong primed to issue its first deal this year, regional sponsor participation can help to ensure their sustainability as ILS domiciles, according to Paul Schultz, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Aon Securities. Yesterday at our read the full article →

Increased awareness of ILS in Asia but communication vital: ILS Asia 2021

Knowledge and understanding of the insurance-linked securities (ILS) asset class is on the rise in Asia, and while local expertise is a real benefit, it’s also vitally important to communicate early and persistently with the investor base, according to industry experts. On the morning of the second day of our virtual read the full article →

Asia’s ILS platform to provide complimentary capital: ILS Asia 2021

Highlighted by the efforts of Singapore and more recently Hong Kong, there’s an exciting and growing opportunity for the insurance-linked securities (ILS) sector to play a meaningful role in the Asia region, according to industry experts. On the opening day of the virtual Artemis ILS Asia 2021 conference, held in association read the full article →

Singapore to reduce investment reporting & disclosure rules for ILS issuers

In aiming to make its insurance-linked securities (ILS) regulatory environment as appealing as possible, the government of Singapore is listening to market participants and enhancing rules surrounding ILS and catastrophe bond issuance structures, to reduce friction for sponsors and other parties involved in transactions. Ever since the start of Singapore's journey read the full article →

It’s on the market to develop refined parametric structures: Panellists

It’s up to insurance, reinsurance and ILS market participants to improve the acceptability of parametric insurance structures across the Asia Pacific region, say industry experts at ILS Asia 2020. Although leveraged more widely in the Indian agricultural sector and the Japanese catastrophe arena, parametric insurance remains a relatively new concept across read the full article →

Evolution of Singapore’s ILS infrastructure to attract new sponsors

As Singapore evolves as an insurance-linked securities (ILS) domicile and enables regulatory, legal and tax changes, the ability of the region to facilitate ILS in all forms will attract a growing number of new sponsors, according to industry experts. Singapore has ambitions to become a leading hub for ILS business in read the full article →

IAG’s Orchard catastrophe bond “fully exhausted” by bushfires

Australian primary insurance group IAG has revealed that its Orchard ILS Pte Ltd catastrophe bond was triggered and then fully exhausted by claims suffered from the severe bushfire season in the country. The Orchard ILS catastrophe bond was the first to be sponsored Insurance Australia Group (IAG) back in February 2019 read the full article →