Kilimo Salama weather index microinsurance scheme expands to Rwanda

A weather index based microinsurance scheme which has been active in Kenya for more than two years is now expanding its reach to include Rwanda as well. The scheme which offers farmers a way to protect their crops against weather extremes through the use of insurance products with parametric index read the full article →

Index based frost cover proposed for tea growers in Kenya

Tea growers in Kenya could soon have access to a new way to protect themselves against loss of earnings caused by frost damaging their tea plantations according to this article in Business Daily Africa. The Kenya Tea Development Agency, which is a marketing agency for half a million small farmers, read the full article →

Index based livestock insurance pays out due to drought in Kenya

Kenya is again suffering from a drought which is causing hardship and deaths among the millions of affected people in the region. The resulting food crisis is one of the worst seen and despite the global awareness of the plight of drought affected Africans the support they receive remains minimal. read the full article →

Weather-index insurance helps some drought stricken farmers in Kenya

Some farmers in a drought stricken region of Kenya have received payments under the terms of a weather-index based microinsurance policy established this year. Wheat farmers in Narok County in southwest Kenya have received payments for a total crop failure due to drought in April. In total 3,380 farmers will receive read the full article →

Kenyan farmers benefit from weather-index insurance

Farmers in the eastern, drought hit province of Kenya are benefitting from a microinsurance program which sold them weather-index insurance. The insurance policies pay out based on actual weather conditions making them particularly suitable to the developing world where education about how the claims process works can be difficult. The insurance read the full article →

Kenyan weather microinsurance program expands

With farmers in Kenya increasingly fearing large weather-related losses to their crops and livestock, and the access to weather data and infrastructure improving, the Kilimo Salama crop weather insurance program launched by UAP Insurance, Syngenta Foundation and mobile operator Safaricom is going to expand in scope and availability. Kilimo Salama is read the full article →

MicroEnsure to offer Kenyan farmers drought insurance

MicroEnsure has been running a weather insurance pilot in Malawi, Africa since 2005 with the World Bank's help and approval. Since then they have launched the product to farmers in Tanzania, Rwanda, India and the Philippines. Now they have announced that they will be opening up and offering policies to read the full article →