hurricane Elsa 2021


CCRIF confirms parametric insurance payouts for hurricane Elsa

The CCRIF SPC (formerly known as the Caribbean Catastrophic Risk Insurance Facility), has confirmed that it made a number of payouts after the passage of hurricane Elsa, as member parametric insurance policies and deductible covers were triggered, its first payouts of the 2021 hurricane season. We explained back in early July read the full article →

Hurricane Elsa insured losses seen under $350m by KCC

Insurance industry losses from recent hurricane Elsa's impacts in the Caribbean and the United States are estimated to be less than $350 million, by catastrophe risk modelling firm Karen Clark & Company (KCC). For the Caribbean specifically, KCC expects the insurance market loss from hurricane Elsa will be less than $50 read the full article →

Storm Elsa regained hurricane strength, set for Florida landfall

Tropical storm Elsa regained its hurricane status briefly overnight, as environmental conditions were conducive to some restrengthening. Now back to being a 70 mph sustained wind tropical storm, Elsa is set for a landfall over the west Florida coast. Hurricane watches were turned to warnings for a large area of the read the full article →

St Lucia says hurricane Elsa may trigger CCRIF deductible payout

As hurricane Elsa moved across the eastern Caribbean one of the island nations it came close to was St Lucia, which it's reported has experienced wind gusts to 79 mph and sustained 46 mph tropical storm force winds. Property damage has been reported from St Lucia, as unfortunately has one death. read the full article →

Storm Elsa puts Florida under hurricane watch

A hurricane watch has been issued for parts of the west coast of Florida, as tropical storm Elsa moves clear of Cuba and into the Florida Straits and the NHC warns of a chance of some strengthening before landfall. Tropical storm Elsa will now spend some time over warm waters of read the full article →

Weaker tropical storm Elsa still a Florida disruption & damage threat

Tropical storm Elsa weakened from its once hurricane status over the weekend and is now heading for a Cuba landfall before it moves into the Florida Straits. But despite being weaker, tropical storm Elsa still has the potential to be disruptive in the state and cause damage. Tropical storm Elsa now read the full article →

Elsa strengthens to hurricane, Florida still in the forecast cone

We now have our first hurricane of the 2021 Atlantic tropical storm season, as tropical storm Elsa has intensified as anticipated and now becomes hurricane Elsa, with the forecast still bringing the storm towards Florida over the coming days. Hurricane Elsa is forecast to head through the Caribbean with a number read the full article →