global warming


Study finds hurricanes more destructive, most damaging more frequent

A new study looking at the damage caused by hurricanes since 1900 concludes that there is a trend towards larger and more destructive storms, while the most damaging of them are said to be occurring more frequently, with climate change and global warming said a driver. The subject of hurricane damage, read the full article →

Scientists continue search for warming climate link to La Nina

As the impacts of global warming and climate change continue to cause debate and uncertainty, the possible effect that changing weather patterns have on La Nina and El Nino events has been the research of certain scientists for some time now. A recent article on the BBC and Reuters website, explains read the full article →

Munich Re sees parallels between number of weather extremes and climate change

Munich Re has reiterated its standpoint that the high number of weather extremes experienced in 2010 are a strong indicator of climate change and there is a strong probability that there is a connection between the two. Munich Re spotlights the floods in Central Europe, wildfires in Russia and the flooding read the full article →

Climate change reaching a tipping point; capital markets called on to help

Allianz and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) have issued a report (press announcement available here) looking into the 'tipping points' associated with climate change and global warming. The report looks into the impacts of what they call tipping point issues such as shifting of the monsoons, sea level rise on read the full article →