2019 Atlantic hurricane season


Bahama insurers hurricane Dorian loss forecasts rising towards $2bn

Loss expectations from hurricane Dorian are rising towards $2 billion for the primary insurance carriers located in the Bahamas, as the latest company updates emerge and the financial impacts of the devastating storm continue to rise for the local industry. We reported last week that local insurers in the Bahamas were read the full article →

Bahamas insurers could pay $1.5bn hurricane Dorian claims

Primary insurance carriers located in the Bahamas are set to take around $1.5 billion of losses following the impacts of claims from hurricane Dorian earlier this year, according to the local insurance association. As a result of the high levels of claims to be paid by local Bahamian insurance carriers, there read the full article →

Tropical storm Nestor warnings remain for Florida Panhandle & Gulf coast

Tropical storm Nestor has finally been named, after it strengthened in the Gulf of Mexico with winds now at 60 mph and warnings still raised for the Gulf coast, with a focus on the Florida Panhandle where a storm surge of up to 5 feet is forecast. Updated, Friday 18th Oct, read the full article →

Hurricane Humberto strengthens, grows, threatens Bermuda with dangerous winds

Hurricane Humberto continues to approach Bermuda as a dangerous category 3 storm with sustained winds now having reached 120 mph and an expanding wind-field, leading the National Hurricane Center to warn of the risk of a prolonged period of dangerous winds for the island. Hurricane Humberto, the eighth named storm and read the full article →

Hurricane Dorian insured losses could reach up to $8.5bn, RMS estimates

Hurricane Dorian may ultimately result in an impact to the insurance and reinsurance industry of up to $8.5 billion across all territories affected by the storm, according to catastrophe risk modelling specialist RMS. The risk modelling firm had already pegged the industry loss from hurricane Dorian's impacts to the Caribbean and read the full article →

Hurricane Humberto forecast to near Bermuda as strong storm

Hurricane Humberto, the eighth named storm and third hurricane of the 2019 Atlantic tropical storm season, is forecast to head eastwards with a track that could take it quite near to Bermuda as a strong storm, possibly with wind speeds in the Cat 2 to Cat 3 range. Read our latest read the full article →

KCC pegs total hurricane Dorian industry insured loss at $5.23bn

Hurricane Dorian is estimated to have caused an industry insured loss of $5.23 billion by catastrophe risk modeller Karen Clark & Company (KCC). It's a very specific modelled loss estimate for the impact the insurance and reinsurance industry may face from hurricane Dorian, with the Bahamas the source of the brunt read the full article →

RMS sees Dorian wind & surge Caribbean industry loss at up to $6.5bn

Hurricane Dorian is estimated to have caused a wind and storm surge related insurance industry loss of between $3.5 billion and $6.5 billion in the Caribbean and Bahamas by catastrophe risk modelling specialists RMS. The figure is higher than another risk modelling firm AIR Worldwide which said the insurance industry loss read the full article →

Hurricane Dorian Caribbean & Bahamas industry loss up to $3bn: AIR

Hurricane Dorian is estimated to have caused an insurance industry loss in a range from $1.5 billion to as much as $3 billion from its impacts to the Caribbean islands, according to AIR Worldwide. Hurricane Dorian impacted a range of Caribbean islands on its passage towards the Bahamas and United States. Having read the full article →

Dorian weakens as it lashes NC, continues north with hurricane winds

Hurricane Dorian has begun to weaken somewhat as it lashes the North Carolina coast, with flooding from storm surge and rainfall reported in some areas, as well as wind damage. The storm is now expected to sustain its hurricane force winds right up into eastern Canada and the surrounding region. Last read the full article →