2017 Atlantic tropical storm season


Hurricane Nate set for Gulf Coast landfall, forecast to intensify

Hurricane Nate remains on course for the United States Gulf Coast, where forecasts predict it will make landfall as a strong hurricane. Nate currently has 90 mph winds and higher gusts, with central pressure of 982mb (at 06:00 PM UTC Oct 7th), and the storm could intensify further before landfall read the full article →

Nate forecast to reach hurricane strength on track for Gulf coast of U.S.

Updated information on now hurricane Nate can be found here. Tropical storm Nate is set on a course towards the United States, where forecasts predict it will make a Gulf Coast landfall as a hurricane. It's uncertain how strong or where the landfall could be, but sea temperatures in the read the full article →

CCRIF to pay $19.3m to Dominica for hurricane Maria impact

Hurricane Maria has triggered the Caribbean island of Dominica's parametric insurance coverage from the CCRIF SPC (formerly the Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility), resulting in a payout to the country of almost US $19.3 million. It's the latest payout the CCRIF is set to make due to the severe 2017 hurricane read the full article →

CCRIF parametric payouts on Hurricane Irma reach $31.2m

The CCRIF SPC (formerly the Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility) has announced that its payouts made to Caribbean governments due to the impacts of hurricane Irma will reach $31.2 million, while the facility has now passed $100 million of payouts to members since its launch. All of the $100 million of read the full article →

Hurricane Maria reaches Cat 5 175mph winds as it batters Caribbean

Hurricane Maria has intensified into the second devastating storm to pass through the Caribbean in less than a fortnight, as the hurricane reached 160 mph sustained winds before making striking Dominica. Hurricane Maria's winds had intensified to Cat 5 at 175 mph, now down to 155 mph again, but it read the full article →

Hurricane Maria strengthening, Jose nearing. U.S. on watch

An updated article on hurricane Maria can be found here. Previous article: Hurricane Maria is nearing the Caribbean Leeward islands with sustained winds currently at 120 mph and higher gusts, as of 3:00 PM UTC September 18th, but the storm, now a major Category 3 hurricane, could keep intenfsiying as read the full article →

Turks & Caicos parametric CCRIF policy to payout $13.6m on Irma

The CCRIF SPC (formerly the Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility) is set to payout $13.6 million to the Turks & Caicos islands, after their parametric hurricane wind insurance policy was triggered by hurricane Irma's recent devastating path through the Caribbean. Hurricane Irma battered the Caribbean, causing widespread destruction on its path read the full article →

Hurricane Irma slams into Florida, surge floods both coasts

Hurricane Irma slammed into Florida on Sunday as a Category 4 storm with 130 mph winds, hitting the Florida Keys first before making a second landfall on the southwest coast of the Peninsula. Coastal flooding from storm surge has been reported on both coastlines, including areas such as the Miami read the full article →

Hurricane Irma to stress-test third-party capital staying power: S&P

The potential impact of major hurricane Irma, which now has Category 3 status and 130 mph+ winds as it tracks towards Florida, could be a test of the permanence of third-party capital in the global reinsurance sector, according to Standard & Poor’s (S&P). In a new report, international financial services ratings read the full article →

Live cat trades at $80 bn on hurricane Irma threat

The market for live cat (live catastrophe) trading and protection buying saw a little activity yesterday, as hurricane Irma continued its approach towards Florida, with at least one trade completed with an industry loss trigger of $80 billion reported to Artemis this morning, and a few other deals getting done. The read the full article →