Bermuda lashed by Hurricane Igor’s 93mph+ winds

by Artemis on September 20, 2010

Hurricane Igor passed over Bermuda last night as a Category 1 storm. Thankfully Igor weakened a little prior to passing just to the west of the island, however Bermuda caught some of the strongest winds from the hurricane as they happened to be to its eastern edge. Hurricane force winds extended 90 miles from the centre of Igor meaning that Bermuda felt its full force for a lot of the night.

Igor is now moving away to the north and gradually turning to the east. Even so Bermuda are in for another day of strong winds and rain as the outer bands of Igor move away.

The strongest wind gust we have seen reported was 93mph. There has been a lot of coastal flooding and also flooding caused by heavy rainfall. There are reports of many households losing power (approx. 3 out of every 5), yachts and boats which have broken their moorings, damage to the cruise terminal and many trees down across the island with reports of roads being blocked. There are no reports of specific injuries caused by the storm.

We hope all our friends, partners and contacts in Bermuda have stayed safe and wake up to a better day when the sun rises there!

We suggest you check out the Royal Gazette Bermuda and the Bermuda Sun newspapers for coverage in a few hours time. We’ll bring you news of insured loss estimates once the risk modelling companies have assessed the situation.

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