Research suggests poleward shift for hurricanes & typhoons due to climate change

New research suggests hurricane and typhoon activity may shift further towards the poles, with tropical cyclone zones expanding and as a result hurricanes and typhoons occupying a broader range of latitudes in future, all because of climate change. The report published in Nature Geoscience and lead authored by Joshua Studholme of read the full article →

Northern US states increasingly hit by tropical storms & hurricanes: Chaucer

Underwriting firm Chaucer has highlighted unpredictable patterns in weather, citing the fact that now some 16% of hurricanes, tropical storms and depressions hit northern US states, compared to just 12% 40 years ago. This is causing some challenges for insurance and reinsurance market interests, according to Chaucer, with increasing temperatures said read the full article →

Climate change could raise hurricane wind losses 19% by 2050: KCC

In explaining the impact of climate change on hurricanes, risk modeller Karen Clark & Company explains that intensity of tropical cyclones has risen with a warming climate, leading it to believe hurricane losses may already be elevated by 11% due to climate change, with as much as another 19% increase read the full article →

Risk of COVID inflating US hurricane claims rising with cases: PCS

The resurging incidence of cases of COVID-19 across areas of the United States could add pressure to catastrophe insurance and reinsurance market claim processes and amounts, so PCS has undertaken some research on hurricane events to show where the threat is greatest. As our sister publication Reinsurance News explained recently, PCS read the full article →

Aon launches Florida hurricane catastrophe risk model

Insurance and reinsurance broker Aon has announced the launch of a new Florida hurricane catastrophe risk model developed by its specialist Impact Forecasting unit, as it seeks to provide an alternative view of the risk to market participants. Aon said that the new Florida hurricane model brings together the latest research read the full article →

NOAA considering earlier start to Atlantic hurricane season

The official start of the Atlantic hurricane season could be moved earlier by up to two weeks, if officials from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) decide that the recent historical climatology warrants an extension to the season. Currently, the Atlantic hurricane season officially begins on June 1st and runs until read the full article →

Climate change may increase hurricane damage & losses: AIR-led report

Climate change and the future state of our climate may mean increased damage and ultimately insurance and reinsurance market losses from hurricanes, as more frequent storms and sea-level rise ramp up storm surge impacts in particular. This is the conclusion of a study undertaken by risk modeller AIR Worldwide, insurance and read the full article →

Hurricanes destructive power to extend further inland as climate warms: Study

A new study looking at the effects of climate change on hurricanes and tropical cyclones suggests that the insurance, reinsurance and insurance-linked securities (ILS) industry may need to prepare for storms that cause even wider swathes of damage and losses, with a warmer world linked to damage extending further inland. It's read the full article →

Hurricane Katrina repeat with climate change could cost $200bn: Swiss Re

A repeat of 2005's hurricane Katrina hitting in an identical manner with exposure values as we see them now but with greater influence from climate change factors, could drive an economic loss of as high as $200 billion, according to analysis from Swiss Re. A new report from Swiss Re asks read the full article →

RMS updates its HWind hurricane forecasting products

Catastrophe risk modelling specialist RMS has updated its suite of HWind hurricane forecasting products, which are part of the RMS HWind Real-Time Analysis solution. Coming as the 2020 hurricane season moves towards the peak of what is forecast to be an incredibly active year, RMS' tools that help insurance, reinsurance and read the full article →