GC Forecat predicts more landfalling hurricanes for southeast U.S. in 2010 season

by Artemis on January 21, 2010

GC Forecat, the pre-season hurricane forecast product from Guy Carpenter, is predicting higher than normal risk of landfalling hurricanes for the U.S. southeast region (coastline from Atlantic Florida-Georgia border to Cape Hatteras). That is the only region that their report (available via the excellent GCCapitalideas.com blog here) predicts a greater than normal risk of landfalling hurricanes for (even Florida shows a risk lower than the norm).

It’s an interesting product as it breaks down the forecast by landfall zone making it a little more detailed than kost pre-season forecasts. The 2010 hurricane season is a long way off but it’s never too early to ensure you have access to good data and risk transfer facilities to ensure coverage.

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