Ana continues west, Tropical Storm Bill forms behind

by Artemis on August 15, 2009

Tropical storm Ana is continuing her journey west across the Atlantic with little change in strength so far. Still carrying sustained winds of only 40mph she is heading for the Antilles and beyond that the Leeward Islands, Puerto Rico and Cuba. Earlier we wrote that another storm could be hot on her heels and sure enough tropical storm Bill has now formed as well.

Bill also carries 40mph winds but with higher gusts and a greater probability of strengthening quickly than Ana. Bill’s heading on a similar track to Ana and at a similar speed.

The Atlantic often carries more than one storm at a time and it’s certainly looking more active now. The satellite image below clearly shows Ana and Bill, but also a large area of disturbance moving off the African coast into the area where both Ana and Bill originated. So we could even see a third depression form within the next few days as the Atlantic makes up for a slow start to the season.

Multiple storms can be devastating for the Caribbean islands as the inches of rain and strong winds can ruin crops and devastate valuable tourist beaches. Members of the CCRIF (Caribbean Catastrophe Insurance Facility) may be pleased they renewed (as long as storms qualify for payouts).

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