Sirocco Re

The Artemis Collateralized Reinsurance Sidecar Directory provides information on fully-collateralized reinsurance sidecar vehicles established to enable third-party investors to share in the returns of insurance or reinsurance business.

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Sirocco Re sidecar snapshot

  • Reinsurance sidecar: Sirocco Re
  • Sponsor: Lancashire Holdings
  • Launched: June 2006
  • Latest size: $95m (as at June 2006)

Sirocco Re sidecar details

Lancashire Holdings launched Sirocco Re, a Class 3 Bermudian, fully-collateralized energy reinsurance sidecar in June 2006, with a capital size of $95m. The majority of the sidecar venture’s capital came from third-party investors, with Lancashire contributing $20m of its own money.

The reinsurance sidecar vehicle was established by Lancashire Holdings to assume some of its Gulf of Mexico offshore energy risk, taking advantage of the spike in energy insurance prices.

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