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Allstate recovers $195m from Sanders Re cat bond, to fill eroded layer

US primary insurance giant Allstate has reported that its losses from the first-quarter winter storms and freezing weather have now enabled it to recover $195 million from the reinsurance provided by its Sanders Re II 2019-1 cat bond. As we've explained before, Allstate's aggregate losses soared on the impacts of winter read the full article →

Allstate’s March cat losses increase recoveries under Sanders cat bonds

US primary insurer Allstate revealed today that its catastrophe losses, before reinsurance, subrogation recoveries and taxes totalled $1.67 billion for the first-quarter of 2021, a significant proportion of which will be offset by recoveries under reinsurance and also its Sanders catastrophe bonds, it seems. As we explained last month, following February's read the full article →

Texas hail storms boost Allstate’s Q1 cat losses, but Sanders Re cat bond safe

U.S. primary insurer Allstate was hit by losses from convective and severe thunderstorm related weather events in Texas in March, which have resulted in the firms Q1 catastrophe losses rising above some analysts expectations. The March hail storms and convective storm related wind losses have been an expensive event for the read the full article →

Allstate’s Sanders Re 2018 cat bond to hit $500m as pricing drops

The latest catastrophe bond to be sponsored by Allstate, a Sanders Re Ltd. (Series 2018-1) U.S. multi-peril transaction with a number of innovative features, is the latest cat bond to be well-received by investors resulting in an increase in size of 25% to $500 million, while at the same time read the full article →

Allstate sponsoring $400m Sanders Re 2018-1 multi-peril cat bond

U.S. primary insurance company Allstate is returning for its latest catastrophe bond transaction, a $400 million Sanders Re Ltd. (Series 2018-1) U.S. multi-peril deal with certain innovative features that show the insurer continues to expand its protection from the cat bond market. Allstate is seeking a $400 million slice of collateralized read the full article →

One tranche of Allstate’s Sanders Re 2014 cat bond upgraded by S&P

Ratings agency Standard & Poor's has upgraded one of the three tranches of notes issued in U.S. primary insurer Allstate's $750 million Sanders Re Ltd. (Series 2014-1) catastrophe bond, as the tranche has now passed its final reset date without the expected loss having been increased. Allstate benefits from three layers read the full article →

Allstates $200m Sanders Re 2017-2 to price at bottom of guidance

The latest catastrophe bond from U.S. primary insurance company Allstate, the $200 million Sanders Re Ltd. (Series 2017-2) deal, is set to price at the bottom-end of initial coupon guidance making the reinsurance coverage the notes provide particularly efficient, Artemis understands. Allstate returned to the catastrophe bond market just over a read the full article →

Allstate returns with $200m Florida focused Sanders Re 2017-2 cat bond

U.S. primary insurance company Allstate is returning to the catastrophe bond market for its second transaction of 2017, with a $200 million targeted Sanders Re Ltd. (Series 2017-2) deal that will provide the insurer with capital markets backed reinsurance protection against losses from multiple perils in the state of Florida read the full article →

Allstate’s Sanders Re 2017 cat bond grows to $375m, price drops

Given catastrophe bond investors strong appetite for new issuance currently it's no surprise to learn that U.S. primary insurance company Allstate's new Sanders Re Ltd. (Series 2017-1) catastrophe bond has upsized to $375 million, while the price guidance has been lowered. Every cat bond issued so far this year has resulted read the full article →

Allstate’s new Sanders Re 2017 has an industry loss element

As readers and the ILS market will now be aware, U.S. primary insurance group Allstate is back with a new $300 million Sanders Re Ltd. (Series 2017-1) catastrophe bond , targeting capital markets-backed U.S. multi-peril collateralised reinsurance capacity. When we announced the deal just over a week ago the information we read the full article →