UK cold snap results in £1.4 billion in claims

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has released some figures on the claims received following the cold snap in the UK during December 2010. The cold snap experienced the year before in 2009 resulted in £650m in claims, the most recent 2010 cold snap has seen that figure double to read the full article →

Insurers to face £1 billion+ in claims for severe UK winter weather

Insurance claims triggered by the severe spell of winter weather that the UK endured during December 2010 look likely to be at least £110m higher than the average for the same period of December according to insurer RSA. The coldest December for 100 years brought snow and ice to the read the full article →

Weather hedges at the ready; here comes a cold snap

It's that time of year when companies who have exposures due to colder weather are watching the long range weather forecasts and deciding whether or not to hedge their weather risks this year. We're hearing that there has been increased interest in cold weather hedging this year after the extremes read the full article →