Sydney & NSW hail storm losses estimated at AU$42m, fire loss rises

A severe summer hailstorm that struck Sydney and parts of New South Wales Australia on Friday and Saturday already has an insurance industry loss estimate of AU$42 million pegged against it, while losses from bushfires in NSW have also risen.The severe storm brought damaging hail, lightning strikes, strong winds and read the full article →

Australia NSW bushfire losses set to rise as catastrophe declared

Insurance industry losses due to bushfires in the New South Wales region of Australia are expected to rise above an initial AU$20 million estimate, as the Insurance Council of Australia declares a catastrophe for the event.Nearly 100 separate wildfires are reported to be burning in the New South Wales region, read the full article →

New South Wales, Australia fires could threaten Sydney: AIR

The wildfires which have been burning for a number of days in New South Wales, Australia could create a dangerous situation which may even lead to a threat to the suburbs of Sydney, which could cause higher reinsurance losses, according to risk modeller AIR Worldwide.Currently there are reported to be read the full article →