Blue Fin Ltd. catastrophe bond, change to investment guidelines for collateral

The 2007 Blue Fin Ltd. catastrophe bond which Allianz sponsored to secure a parametric source of European windstorm coverage has had an amendment made to the investment guidelines for the underlying collateral invested in one of the tranches of notes of the transaction. The cat bond is due to be read the full article →

Allianz sets up €500m contingent capital facility with Nippon Life

Contingent capital, which provides a source of capital under certain circumstances and triggers, is becoming a more popular way to provide a predictable source of financing at exactly the times that a company requires it. The other day we wrote about French reinsurer SCOR's contingent capital facility being triggered due read the full article →

Allianz announces completion of Blue Fin 4, confirms commitment to catastrophe bond market

Allianz has issued a press release announcing the completion of the fourth takedown under their Blue Fin Ltd. catastrophe bond program (as we wrote yesterday). The $40m cat bond deal provides Allianz with capital markets cover for U.S. hurricane and earthquake events using a modeled loss trigger mechanism until May read the full article →

Blue Fin Ltd. Series 4 admitted to Cayman Islands Stock Exchange

The latest catastrophe bond issuance by Allianz under their Blue Fin Ltd. SPV was admitted on completion to the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange on Friday. As we wrote last week, Allianz were seeking to issue a further $40m of catastrophe bonds under the Blue Fin program to provide them with read the full article →

Allianz to issue new series of Blue Fin Ltd. catastrophe bond notes

Investors are actively being marketed a new series of catastrophe bond notes by insurer Allianz. This latest cat bond issuance by long time market participant Allianz is a new series of notes which it is marketing under its Cayman Islands domiciled SPV Blue Fin Ltd. In this transaction Allianz are seeking read the full article →