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2012 Atlantic hurricane season


2012 Atlantic hurricane season more active than forecast

30th November 2012

The 2012 Atlantic tropical storm and hurricane season looked like it was going to be relatively benign as far as the insurance, reinsurance and catastrophe bond sectors were concerned until Sandy came along and turned the season on its head. Up until that point at the end of October it was easy to think that […]

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AIR increases hurricane Sandy insured loss estimate by over 70%

26th November 2012

Risk modeller AIR Worldwide has published an update to their estimate of insured losses resulting from hurricane Sandy today and the numbers have jumped considerably. AIR’s first estimate was published on the 30th October and in that update they gave a range of $7 billion to $15 billion of losses but said they expected it […]

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EQECAT doubles Sandy insured loss estimate to $10B – $20B

1st November 2012

Risk modelling firm EQECAT have just issued an updated estimate of losses from hurricane Sandy now including post-landfall observations and analysis. EQECAT were the first modelling firm to come out with an early pre-landfall estimate of losses on Monday that pegged the insured loss at somewhere in the range of $5 billion to $10 billion. […]

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AIR Worldwide estimates Sandy insured loss at between $7B and $15B

30th October 2012

We have another estimate of the insured losses caused by hurricane Sandy from risk modeller AIR Worldwide and it’s higher than previous estimates which were largely pre-landfall. After analysing the impact of Sandy and with the additional insight gleaned from damage reports received so far, AIR Worldwide estimates that insured losses from Sandy to onshore […]

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EQECAT estimates Sandy insured loss $5B-$10B comments on cat bonds

29th October 2012

Risk modelling firm EQECAT kindly gave us some thoughts on hurricane Sandy and how they see the potential for impact to catastrophe bonds. Tom Larsen, SVP and Product Architect, sent us some exclusive insight on Sandy which we include below. EQECAT have given an early estimate of $10 billion to $20 billion in economic losses […]

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Catastrophe bond market participants comment on Sandy

29th October 2012

We’ve been busily canvassing opinions and thoughts on hurricane Sandy’s potential impact from our contacts and friends in the marketplace today. Sandy is still threatening to be the worst northeast hurricane in memory, larger in size, with stronger winds and threatening a larger storm surge than last years hurricane Irene. Reinsurers and the catastrophe bond […]

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Latest hurricane Sandy forecast shows U.S. East coast landfall

25th October 2012

Our latest update on hurricane Sandy can be found here. Those who have followed our earlier articles on hurricane Sandy will know that the National Hurricane Center forecast maps have shown the storm staying offshore of the U.S. east coast as it heads north. Meanwhile, some of the forecast models have shown an east coast […]

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