About Artemis

Artemis was launched on 12th May 1999. Its founders held a belief that the capital markets was the deepest, most liquid and efficient source of risk capital available to facilitate the transfer of disaster risks, and that capital market structures would be the most effective tools for the structuring and transfer of peak catastrophe risks.

Today, Artemis is the longest running news, analysis and data media service devoted to the alternative risk transfer, catastrophe bond & insurance linked security, non-traditional reinsurance, insurance linked investments and associated risk transfer markets.
Artemis at a glance:

  • Readers per month: 40,000+
  • Page views per month: 200,000+
  • Email subscribers: 9,000+

Artemis also covers longevity risk transfer, weather risk management, weather index insurance, parametric insurance and reinsurance trends, as well as any other alternative risk financing and transfer methodologies within the reinsurance sector that our readers may be interested in. Artemis has a particular focus on sectors in risk and re/insurance where the efficiencies of the capital markets could provide benefits and disrupt incumbents.

As these markets have developed Artemis has always stuck to its original mission of covering the convergence of reinsurance and risk transfer with the capital markets. As this convergence continues to evolve so too will Artemis, to cover new markets which these trends of reinsurance capital, insurance linked investments and capital markets risk transfer touch on.

Artemis will also evolve to support the demands of its large community, supporting its need for a publishing platform, education, insight and analysis and providing access to the largest audience of its kind on any medium.

After almost two decades of service to the ILS and reinsurance community Artemis still strives to fulfill its original mission statement:

ARTEMIS is the online heart of the Alternative Risk Transfer and Weather Trading market. For too long this market has been mysterious, jargon filled and opaque; Artemis allows those with even a limited understanding of ART to learn, gain confidence and then directly contact the best people to help them. Artemis is moving ART out of its ivory towers and into the commercial mainstream.

Artemis is visited by more than 40,000 professionals with an interest in topics such as ART, catastrophe bonds, insurance-linked securities (ILS), reinsurance linked investments, catastrophe risk management, weather risk transfer, risk modelling, reinsurance trends and longevity risk transfer every month. This makes it a great place to advertise your services to these markets.

Artemis is used very widely because it is free to users everywhere. This is possible because of the support of advertisers and sponsors who recognise how Artemis will help the market grow and how their emphasised profile will help them to obtain an enlarged proportion of it. We thank our existing advertisers for their support.

As of February 2018 our monthly readership averages 43,000 unique users, while our email newsletter is delivered twice a week to more than 9,000 subscribers.

If you would like to raise your profile in Artemis, sponsor a section or provide content for a dedicated area of the website have a look at our media pack for advertisers and sponsors.

Artemis is a trusted source of information and typically the first stop for anyone researching reinsurance and catastrophe risk as an asset class, evaluating catastrophe bonds as a risk transfer tool, or seeking insight into reinsurance convergence trends, as well as the other sectors we cover.

That means we are visited daily by the likes of pension fund managers, investment managers, advisors and other capital holders who are considering reinsurance as an asset class, as well as reinsurance protection buyers and sellers, investors, funds, banks, brokers, risk experts, service providers and other interested parties.

Artemis remains the largest audience of its kind on the internet or any other medium.  With a near 20-year pedigree you will not find a more focused and highly relevant audience anywhere.

In the last year alone we have had over 2 million page views of our content. This makes Artemis a great place to advertise to a global, reinsurance and risk transfer focused audience. Our audience is the largest and most focused on ILS, cat bonds & reinsurance anywhere on the internet or other mediums.

Best wishes and enjoy Artemis!

Who’s behind Artemis

Image of Steve EvansSteve Evans owns and operates Artemis. His background is diverse, coming from an internet start-up with a focus on the reinsurance sector and reinsurance publishing and analysis. As far back as 1995 Steve Evans was responsible for information management and editorial concerns at the risk & reinsurance focused internet startup WIRE Ltd. He helped create the Risk Information & Services Exchange (formerly www.rsx.co.uk, some of you may remember it), worked on the first version of Aonline, created, launched, updated, marketed and managed Artemis.bm in its early guise and built websites for clients such as Lloyd’s of London, Kiln, SVB Syndicates and many other London market and international insurance and reinsurance companies.

After his time with WIRE he moved on and worked in the reinsurance industry for Willis Group, one of the largest insurance and reinsurance brokers in the world. Leading their ebusiness development department and delivering both customer facing and internal websites and services whilst continuing to write for and manage Artemis.

Artemis then became solely owned by Steve Evans and the website continued to evolve while he worked in a number of senior executive level international e-commerce and knowledge management roles for some of the largest corporations in the world. Responsible for the functional, editorial and technical development and operations of websites which turned over hundreds of millions of dollars per year for brands including Virgin and Travelocity.

Steve Evans is owner and editor in chief of Artemis.bm and also of new venture Reinsurance News. He also provides advisory services and expert insight to a number of new or innovative ventures in the ILS, reinsurance and risk transfer space as well as to some venture funded internet start-ups.

View Steve Evans's profile on LinkedInYou can find out more about Steve Evans on Linkedin.

Who’s writes Artemis

Steve Evans is editor in chief and provides much of the journalistic input to Artemis.bm. He is assisted by a number of freelance financial journalists and researchers who provide articles on a freelance basis to Artemis.bm as required.

Artemis.bm is always open to suggestions of topics to cover and welcomes approaches from other financial journalists.

Artemis.bm is owned and operated by Steve Evans Ltd.
Registered company in England No. 07337195.
Registered address: First Floor, Telecom House, 125-135 Preston Road, Brighton, BN1 6AF, United Kingdom.