Clariden Leu / LGT team planning two new insurance-linked strategy funds

by Artemis on April 19, 2012

Michael Stahel and his portfolio management team, who currently manage insurance-linked securities funds for Swiss based investment manager and private bank Clariden Leu but are soon to move to their new home at LGT Capital Management, are planning to launch two new insurance-linked strategy funds in response to demand from investors. Currently the team manages four funds which are exposed to mainly non-life risks and are each positioned with specific risk/return profiles.

The two new fund strategies, which were revealed in an interview with Michael Stahel in Aon Benfield Securities recent quarterly ILS market report, will bring more investment options to the market and could help to entice additional capital into the ILS space. They will offer investors in insurance-linked strategies more choice and new opportunities which will allow them to better diversify their capital allocations.

Stahel said that the two new strategies will include one which focuses on a higher risk/return target than their existing funds (so investing in the riskier tranches of cat bonds and ILS which pay higher returns, or higher premium collateralized reinsurance and financial insurance contracts), the other new strategy will be a pure life risks play, investing in instruments involving mortality and longevity.

It’s likely that the two new funds will be launched after the Clariden Leu ILS team are happily embedded into their new parent company LGT Group. The move to LGT is expected to be completed at the start of June so these new funds may launch this year.

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