Hurricane Tomas loses strength but should reintensify and threaten Haiti or Jamaica

by Artemis on November 1, 2010

*Update: For our latest on Hurricane Tomas please view this post.

Hurricane Tomas has decreased in strength and has become a tropical storm again due to the effects of wind shear. Currently heading into the Caribbean tropical storm Tomas is forecast to re-intensify and regain its hurricane status by Friday.

It’s all looking a little uncertain as to the final strength and where exactly hurricane Tomas will end up but at the moment the consensus among forecasters seems to be that Tomas will get back to Category 1 or 2 strength and most likely take aim at Haiti. A direct hit from a hurricane on Haiti could be devastating after all the problems the country has had this year. Some forecasters still see Tomas hitting Jamaica a side swipe before heading on to Cuba.

Whatever direction Tomas takes, as a storm it is growing and likely to create torrential rain for any islands it passes close to. As we all know, Caribbean islands are extremely vulnerable to flooding and landslides so expect Tomas to cause some losses along its way.

Keep track of hurricane Tomas on our 2010 Atlantic hurricane season page.

Hurricane Tomas tracking map

Hurricane (or Tropical Storm) Tomas' path through the Caribbean

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