RMS extends Paradex to include U.S. earthquakes

by Artemis on January 21, 2010

Risk Management Solutions has expanded its range of Paradex parametric industry loss indices to include U.S. earthquakes. Previously Paradex just covered U.S. hurricane and European windstorms. The windstorm loss index for Europe was recently used to structure SCOR’s Atlas VI Capital Ltd. catastrophe bond so this new earthquake index should help future issuers of U.S. quake cat bonds.

The index offers data at a granular level and much quicker settlement than the typical industry loss indexes that are often used for capital markets risk transfers. Investors also benefit as insurance-linked security structures can be standardised and based purely on actual catastrophe data thus removing the need for an understanding of complex insurance structures to asses how attractive a deal is, RMS claim.

Read more on this on FinanceTech and on the RMS website.

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