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$600m+ insured loss from last weeks Texas hail storm: Insurance Council

Hail storms caused by severe thunderstorms in the Dallas and Fort Worth area of Texas on Thursday 17th March 2016 are now expected to result in over $600 million of insurance claims, according to the states Insurance Council. The event was mentioned in Aon Benfield's Impact Forecasting report, which we covered read the full article →

Losses from one day’s hail in June could outstrip April tornado losses in Texas

Every so often on Artemis we write about hail and the sizeable insurance losses severe hailstorms can inflict particularly in the U.S. Another example of this has been highlighted after a day of hail storms in Texas on the 13th June caused severe losses to auto and property lines of read the full article →

Study finds lightning strikes cause over $1 billion insured losses in 2010

A study by the Insurance Information Institute has found that it's not just tornadoes and hail which are capable of causing billion dollar insured losses in the U.S. during severe thunderstorm season. The study found that lightning strikes are responsible for a large amount of losses, with over $1 billion read the full article →