typhoon Nepartak


Super typhoon Nepartak to hit Taiwan with violent winds, drench China

Typhoon Nepartak, the first storm of the north-western Pacific tropical cyclone season after a record 199 day lull, has intensified strongly into a category 5 equivalent storm. Super typhoon Nepartak is heading directly for Taiwan and is expected to strike it with damaging, violent winds. Super typhoon Nepartak is estimated to read the full article →

Typhoon Nepartak threatens strong Taiwan or Japanese island landfall

The north Pacific tropical cyclone season has now begun, with typhoon Nepartak heading on a route which looks set to impact Taiwan and the southern Japanese Ryuku islands currently, with forecasts suggesting a strong landfall in Taiwan as most likely. Read our latest update on now super typhoon Nepartak here. Typhoon Nepartak read the full article →