Markel calls for dismissal of Belisle lawsuit, says “fails to state a claim”

Markel Corporation has requested the dismissal of the lawsuit filed against its Markel CATCo Investment Management subsidiary, claiming that the suit by Tony Belisle fails to state a reasonable claim against the firm.Prior to filing for the dismissal of the case in the district court of New Hampshire, Markel had read the full article →

Markel CATCo remains committed on 2019 portfolio: Rhoads

Markel CATCo Investment Management is committed to the delivery of its 2019 portfolio to shareholders in its listed retrocessional reinsurance fund strategy, signalling an intention to trade forwards once loss affected portfolios are dealt with.Markel CATCo continues to deal with the impacts of major catastrophe losses from 2017 and 2018 read the full article →

No evidence CATCo acted in bad faith on loss reserves: Markel

After an internal review conducted by outside legal counsel was completed, Markel Corporation says that the review found no evidence of "bad faith in exercising business judgment" by Markel CATCo personnel when it came to setting loss reserves in late 2017 and early 2018.Markel Corporation previously said that it had read the full article →

Markel CATCo listed retro fund run-off approved by investors

Markel CATCo Investment Management's stock exchange listed retrocession focused investment fund the CATCo Reinsurance Opportunities Fund is set to be run-off, after investors almost unanimously approved the proposal.The Board of the Markel CATCo managed fund had decided to recommend an orderly run-off of the fund’s portfolios of retrocessional reinsurance risk read the full article →

ILS “one of the most important strategic moves” ever for Markel

Markel Corporation is "incredibly optimistic" about the potential for its insurance-linked securities (ILS) business to drive growth and profits for the firm.Markel began to build its in-house ILS and collateralized reinsurance platform with the acquisition of the retrocession and reinsurance investment focused CATCo business in late 2015.Then in 2017, Markel read the full article →

CATCo’s listed retro fund delivers 0.9% and 1.3% NAV returns in January

After a challenging 2017 and 2018 for Markel CATCo investors, the largely retrocessional reinsurance investment fund managers strategies had a chance to demonstrate their return potential in January 2019.Having suffered significant losses across its retrocessional reinsurance portfolios in the prior two years due to the major catastrophe losses that hit read the full article →

Markel CATCo waives some side-pocket related management fees

The Board of stock exchange listed retrocessional reinsurance investment fund the CATCo Reinsurance Opportunities Fund said today that it has agreed to a waiver of one-third of the management fees related to side-pocketed investments that it would normally pay to Markel CATCo Investment Management.The Board of the fund company said read the full article →

Nephila delivers Markel $25.3m in revenues in just a month & a half

Markel Corporation earned an impressive $25.3 million of operating revenues from its insurance-linked securities (ILS) manager Nephila Capital in 2018, despite only having acquired the firm in mid-November.In addition, Markel also registered $66.2 million of ILS related revenues from its Markel CATCo retrocessional reinsurance investment operations during the year as read the full article →

Markel CATCo listed fund likely to be run-off, enable investor redemptions

Markel CATCo Investment Management looks likely to run-off the portfolios of retrocession reinsurance from its stock exchange listed fund the CATCo Reinsurance Opportunities Fund.Markel CATCo had previously offered investors the option of converting their shares in the fund to redemption shares, to allow them a liquidity opportunity.Today, an announcement from read the full article →

Belisle & Fredricks claiming wrongful dismissal from Markel CATCo

Anthony Belisle, the former CEO of retrocessional reinsurance investment manager Markel CATCo Investment Management and Alissa Fredricks, the former CEO of its Bermuda operations, are both claiming wrongful dismissal from the firm.The owner of Markel CATCo, the insurance and reinsurance firm, Markel Corporation had let the pair go after it read the full article →