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USAA’s estimate suggests all Residential Re cat bonds safe from Sandy loss

Insurer USAA, a regular visitor to the catastrophe bond market through their Residential Re series of deals, has released an estimated range for their ultimate net loss (UNL) from hurricane Sandy. As one of, if not the most, prolific primary insurer cat bond sponsors, the estimate will be welcomed by read the full article →

Estimate suggests Residential Reinsurance 2010 cat bond safe from Sandy

Sources tell us that one of the catastrophe bonds that has been considered to be at risk from losses due to hurricane Sandy may actually be safe, after an early loss estimate suggested no loss of principal to any of the classes of cat bond notes. As we wrote in read the full article →

Latest Residential Reinsurance 2010 cat bond issuance upsizes at close to $300m

USAA's latest catastrophe bond issuance, a second series of notes under it's Cayman Islands based SPV Residential Reinsurance 2010 Ltd., has now closed. The transaction upsized by $100m before close and in total provides USAA with another $300m of multi-peril cat bond cover. Only one tranche of this new Series 2010-II read the full article →

Residential Re 2010’s new series of notes said to be $200m

More details about the new series of catastrophe bond notes being issued under USAA's Residential Reinsurance 2010 program are beginning to come to light. As we wrote the other day, USAA is seeking to secure further cat bond cover through the issuance of a Series 2010-II additional layer of cover. Reuters read the full article →

New series of notes for Residential Reinsurance 2010 Ltd. now marketing

USAA has begun marketing a new series of catastrophe bond notes to add to its Residential Reinsurance 2010 Ltd. transaction. We assume that USAA is seeking to take advantage of investor appetite to secure further coverage for its U.S. peril exposure through this additional issuance. Standard & Poor's has given the read the full article →

Residential Re 2010 Ltd. closes at $400m

USAA has closed it's latest catastrophe bond issuance Residential Reinsurance 2010 Ltd. at a final size of $400m. More details on the transaction are available in our Deal Directory. The deal resulted in four tranches being created (we originally reported on three here). Classes 1 to 3 are all to be read the full article →

Details emerge on Residential Reinsurance 2010 catastrophe bond

Further details have now emerged on the latest catastrophe bond transaction (which we wrote about earlier this month) to be issued under the Residential Reinsurance name. Residential Reinsurance 2010 has been given a preliminary size of $375m, split over three tranches, although we believe that amount could grow due to read the full article →

Residential Reinsurance 2010 Ltd. cat bond being prepared by USAA

USAA are preparing to market their 14th catastrophe bond. The most prolific single issuer of cat bond transactions is readying yet another Residential Reinsurance Ltd. deal to be issued under their Cayman Islands based SPV. Residential Re 2010 is expected to provide similar cover to their previous transactions (usually U.S. read the full article →