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Scor targets London for longevity swaps team

9th February 2011

Bloomberg reports today that Scor the French reinsurer is targeting the longevity swap market by establishing a new team in London focused on capturing a portion of the longevity risk transfer sector. Longevity swaps are a growing area of risk transfer which allows pension schemes and insurers to hedge the risk of retirees living longer […]

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Pension Insurance Corporation in buyout agreement with Honda

31st January 2011

Pension Insurance Corporation has announced that it has entered into a pension scheme buyout agreement with trustees of the Honda Group UK Pension Scheme to insure the £7m Honda Racing Development portion of the pension scheme. This effectively transfers the liability for the portion of the Honda scheme to Pension Insurance Corporation (PIC).

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Pension Insurance Corp. reinsures £500m of longevity risk exposure

20th January 2011

The longevity risk transfer market is one area of reinsurance and risk transfer that is slated for growth during 2011. Industry experts are saying that the sector which involves pension scheme buy-outs, re/insurance, bulk annuities and longevity swaps is expected to grow, and since Swiss Re successfully transferred $50m of longevity trend risk to the […]

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Goldman Sachs completes acquisition of Paternoster

12th January 2011

Goldman Sachs has completed its acquisition of Paternoster, an insurance company specialising in pension risk transfer. Goldman Sachs already owns Rothesay Life, another specialist in the pension risk transfer market. The two companies will remain separate for a short time until a merger of the two can be arranged.

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Towers Watson predicts increase in longevity risk hedging

5th January 2011

Towers Watson, the global professional services company, has published its five predictions for the pension market in 2011. Their fourth prediction is for an increase in longevity risk hedging among pension schemes and they state that improved access to tools which allow pension schemes to evaluate their longevity risk exposure should enable more schemes to […]

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