Nakama Re Ltd. Series 2016-1


Nakama Re 2016 cat bond grows to $700m for Zenkyoren

Demonstrating the appetite for catastrophe bond investments, the latest transaction to come to market from regular catastrophe bond sponsor Zenkyoren, Nakama Re Ltd. (Series 2016-1), has more than doubled in size to hit $700m during marketing. When the Nakama Re 2016-1 cat bond was launched for Zenkyoren, the Japanese National Mutual read the full article →

Zenkyoren seeks $250m three-year aggregate Nakama Re 2016 cat bond

Regular catastrophe bond sponsor Zenkyoren has returned to the ILS market looking for at least $250 million of three-year aggregate reinsurance protection against Japanese earthquake risks, through a Nakama Re Ltd. (Series 2016-1) issuance. Nakama Re 2016-1 is the second three-year aggregate Japanese earthquake cat bond, after Zenkyoren's Nakama Re 2015 deal read the full article →