Weather risk insurance slow to gain traction in South Korea

Record rainfall in South Korea in recent days has caused significant damage and loss of life from flooding and landslides. As much as 16 inches of rain was recorded in a 24 hour period in the capital Seoul, an astounding amount of precipitation for a short time span. Despite the read the full article →

Korea to attempt to introduce weather risk market

Yesterday we wrote that in the wake of the tragic events in Japan, South Korea had begun to discuss the possibility of utilising catastrophe bonds to transfer its risks of natural disaster to the capital markets. Now, further articles in the Korean press suggest that they are also looking to read the full article →

Korea discussing catastrophe bonds to transfer disaster risks

The tragic events in Japan have led a number of countries to discuss the use of catastrophe bonds as a financial mechanism for transferring their natural disaster risks to the capital markets. In recent weeks we've written about the discussions happening in Israel and Taiwan, where cat bonds are being read the full article →