Harambee Re


Harambee Re collateralized sidecar in 2018 renewal for Argo

The Harambee Re collateralized reinsurance sidecar vehicle has been renewed for the 2018 underwriting year for international specialty insurance and reinsurance firm Argo Group, as it continues to leverage the capital markets to augment its capacity. The Harambee Re reinsurance sidecar was first launched for the 2013 underwriting year by Argo read the full article →

Argo renews Harambee Re for 2015 as reinsurance only sidecar

The Harambee Re collateralized sidecar has been renewed for 2015, by international specialty insurance and reinsurance group Argo. This year Argo has changed its sidecar strategy, as Harambee 2015 will only feature reinsurance business. Argo launched its first Harambee Re fully-collateralized sidecar vehicle in 2013, Harambee Re 2013-1 Ltd., as the read the full article →

Argo renews Harambee Re collateralized reinsurance sidecar for 2014

International specialty insurance and reinsurance company Argo Group International Holdings has renewed its fully-collateralized reinsurance sidecar, Harambee Re, for the 2014 underwriting year, according to an announcement from the firm. Argo first launched the Harambee Re sidecar a year ago, hailing it as the first sidecar to underwrite both insurance and read the full article →

Argo anticipate becoming more active in third-party capital management

The latest insurer or reinsurer to express an appetite for moving further into the area of the reinsurance market where managing money from third-party investors to put to work underwriting becomes a significant part of a reinsurers business is international insurer and reinsurer Argo Group. The firm recently launched its read the full article →

Harambee Re from Argo is first sidecar to write both insurance and reinsurance

International insurer and reinsurer Argo Group has announced the launch of a sidecar with a difference today. Argo has established Harambee Re 2013-1 Ltd., a Bermuda domiciled sidecar vehicle, which will provide capacity for the 2013 accident year. It is the first time Argo Group have launched a sidecar, expanding read the full article →