Amid Covid-19, Guernsey never missed a beat: ILS Insight

In spite of the unprecedented impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on sectors of all shapes and sizes, when it comes to servicing the insurance-linked securities (ILS) sector during this challenging time, Guernsey did not miss a beat. This is according to Jutta Kath, Head of Transaction Management at Schroder Secquaero, who, read the full article →

Guernsey wants to be at forefront of ILS innovation

The Channel Island of Guernsey continues to push innovation for the insurance-linked securities (ILS) sector, as it seeks to provide new options that meet the needs of those seeking risk transfer, those managing the risks and the end-investors, by the enactment of flexible legislation. Case in point the 30-day ILS collateral read the full article →

All-in-one re/insurer & ILS fund structure launched in Guernsey

Guernsey has launched a new hybrid insurance-linked securities (ILS) vehicle, an all-in-one structure that can act as both re/insurer and ILS fund, which aims to make ILS fund managers operational lives easier. The "world's first" hybrid ILS vehicle will add "increased simplicity and efficiency for ILS fund managers," according to Carey read the full article →

Guernsey sees growth in number of ILS structures in 2018

Insurance-linked securities (ILS) and collateralised reinsurance activity in the island domicile of Guernsey has accelerated in 2018, with more than double the number of ILS structures established in 2018 so far compared to the whole of last year. Guernsey has seen close to 200 ILS structures established on the island in read the full article →

Guernsey targets “true convergence” via all in one ILS structure

As the insurance-linked securities (ILS) market continues to expand the need for new structures and increased efficiency is growing across the sector, a trend that has seen the island domicile of Guernsey push for the development of a more transparent vehicle for investors that supports “true convergence” in ILS. Artemis discussed read the full article →

Guernsey targets all in one ILS vehicle, as activity ramps up

The island domicile of Guernsey has experienced higher insurance-linked securities (ILS) and collateralised reinsurance activity in 2018 so far, compared to the prior year, as use of its protected cell company (PCC) structure continued to increase and now aims to innovate to drive further market growth. The island has experienced a read the full article →

ILS dominates new re/insurance business for Guernsey in 2015

Insurance-linked securities (ILS) and collateralised reinsurance business dominated new business generated through vehicles registered during 2015 in Guernsey, as the domicile continued to prove an attractive location for ILS transactions to be completed in. Guernsey Finance reported that of the range of business underwritten by new insurance and reinsurance vehicles registered read the full article →

Collateralised reinsurance, ILS, longevity cells registered in Guernsey

First-half 2015 insurance and reinsurance company registrations in Guernsey show that the domicile continues to have success in attracting collateralised reinsurance, ILS and longevity risk transfer related protected and incorporated cell business. The latest figures from the Guernsey Financial Services Commission (GFSC) show that the domicile licensed 45 new international insurers read the full article →

Guernsey ILS PCC specialists Robus & Hexagon add new directors

Robus, the Guernsey based independent insurance manager and owner of the Hexagon PCC which works with ILS managers and investors to facilitate protected cells for collateralized reinsurance deals, has added two new directors to its team. The two have been appointed to help Robus and its protected cell company operations Hexagon read the full article →

45% of business from new re/insurers in Guernsey was ILS in 2014

Of 85 insurance and reinsurance vehicles licensed in Guernsey during 2014, 45% of the business underwritten during the year was insurance-linked securities (ILS) related, demonstrating the domiciles attractiveness for ILS transactions. The 85 new international insurance and reinsurance entities licensed in 2014 by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission (GFSC) consists of read the full article →