Alterra’s New Point IV sidecar nets $30.3m of income in 2012

Global insurance and reinsurance group Alterra Capital announced its fourth-quarter and full-year 2012 results yesterday and gave some insight into the contribution that its collateralized reinsurance and retrocession sidecars bring to the groups income. Alterra had two sidecars in operation in 2012, New Point IV which was formed in 2011 read the full article →

Validus launches AlphaCat Re 2012, Ltd. sidecar

Validus Holdings Ltd. are the second Bermuda based reinsurance group to announce the launch of a new sidecar vehicle for the 2012 hurricane season, see our earlier article on RenaissanceRe's launch of Timicuan Re III here. Validus have announced the formation and launch of the latest in their AlphaCat sidecar read the full article →

Predictions for 2012: Brad Chance, Petra Haven Capital LLC

The second of our prediction pieces, where we ask a leading participant in the insurance-linked securities, catastrophe bond and reinsurance convergence sectors to give us their opinion on how the sectors will evolve in 2012, saw us speak with Brad Chance, Co-founder of Petra Haven Capital LLC, an investment manager read the full article →

Catastrophe bonds increasingly in favour as investors avoid wider financial markets

Investor interest in catastrophe bonds, other types of insurance-linked securities and risk or reinsurance linked investment opportunities just keeps growing this year. The news from the broader financial markets continues to look depressing and investors are increasingly seeking out safe-havens to deposit their capital in. Investment opportunities which have a read the full article →

Alterra’s New Point IV sidecar raises over $200m

Back in April Alterra Capital, the global insurance and reinsurance group, announced that they were forming a new collateralized reinsurance sidecar vehicle aiming to create additional capacity for the property catastrophe retrocessional market at a time when they could profit from market conditions. Now the capital raising is complete and read the full article →

Validus announces launch of AlphaCat Re 2011 Ltd. sidecar

Validus Holdings, a Bermuda based reinsurer, has announced the launch of a new special purpose sidecar reinsurer called AlphaCat Re 2011 Ltd. The sidecar has been set up to write collateralized reinsurance and retrocessional reinsurance, areas of opportunity in the market at the moment post-Japan and the other catastrophe losses read the full article →

Alterra announces formation of New Point IV collateralized reinsurance sidecar vehicle

Alterra Capital, the global insurance and reinsurance group, has announced the formation of a new sidecar vehicle designed to provide additional capacity for the property catastrophe collateralized reinsurance market. After the catastrophic start to the year additional capacity should be well received by market participants. The sidecar, called New Point IV, read the full article →

CATCo issues $7.4m in new shares to meet investor demand

The CATCo Reinsurance Opportunities Fund, which was listed on the London stock exchange late last year, has raised a further $7.4m by issuing shares to meet demand it has seen from investors. The fund is managed by CATCo Investment Management Ltd. who manage assets including insurance-linked securities. CATCo issued 7,250,000 new read the full article →

Juniperus Capital on Profiting from the Insurance Risk Market

Below is some interesting insurance-linked securities investment insight that just came through to us in a press release. It's taken from a press release for certain Marcus Evans conferences and features an interview with Philip Lotz, Chief Executive Officer & Chairman, and Stephen Velotti, Chief  Underwriting Officer of Juniperus Capital read the full article →

$1b collateralised catastrophe reinsurance fund to launch in Bermuda

Catco Investment Management is set to launch in Bermuda during Q4 this year as a collateralised catastrophe reinsurance fund with $1b of backing. The fund is being launched by ex-Oxygen Re broker Tony Belisle. Belisle, who is to head up Catco, is said to have secured more than $1b from investors read the full article →