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The catastrophe bonds listed in Bermuda and the Cayman Islands


Having written in the last week about the volume of catastrophe bonds which are listed on the stock exchanges  in Bermuda and the Cayman Islands I thought it would be a good idea to list them out by domicile for your information. We are going to include this information into a new catastrophe bond Deal Directory which we will launch in the near future so it will be updated as new transactions emerge. The name of each deal links back to any further articles or information we have about them on the blog. You can of course find details on these transactions in our catastrophe bond Deal Directory as well.

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Cat bonds domiciled in Bermuda

Issuer Tranches Size
Blue Coast Ltd. 3 $120m
Lodestone Re Ltd. 2 $425m
Merna Reinsurance II Ltd. 1 $350m
Montana Re Ltd. 2 $175m
Valais Re Ltd. 3 (one withdrawn) $104m

Cat bonds domiciled in the Cayman Islands

Issuer Tranches Size
Blue Fin Ltd. 5 €155m
Caelus Re Ltd. 1 $250m
Caelus Re II Ltd. 1 $185m
Calabash Re III Ltd. 2 $100m
East Lane Re Ltd. 2 $250m
East Lane Re II Ltd. 3 $200m
East Lane Re III Ltd. 1 $150m
EOS Wind Ltd. 2 $80m
Eurus II Ltd. 1 €150m
Foundation Re III Ltd. 1 $180m
Fremantle Ltd. 3 $200m
GlobeCat Ltd. 5 $340m
Ibis Re Ltd. 4 $300m
Johnston Re Ltd. 2 $305m
Lakeside Re II Ltd. 1 $225m
Longpoint Re II Ltd. 2 $500m
MultiCat Mexico 2009 Ltd. 4 $290m
Muteki Ltd. 1 $300m
Mystic Re II Ltd. 1 $225m
Nelson Re Ltd. 4 $255m
Newton Re Ltd. 3 $375m
Queen Street Ltd. 2 €170m
Redwood Capital XI Ltd. 1 $150m
Residential Re 2008 Ltd. 3 $350m
Residential Re 2009 Ltd. 3 $250m
Residential Re 2010 Ltd. 4 $405m
Shore Re Ltd. 1 $96m
Spinnaker Capital Ltd. 1 $380m
Successor X Ltd. 6 $270m
Topiary Capital Ltd. 1 $200m
Vega Capital Ltd. 4 $150m
Vita Capital IV Ltd. 2 $125m
Willow Re Ltd. 1 $250m
Note: These transactions are listed by issuing special purpose vehicle. In some cases there has been more than one issuance per SPV.
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