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A leaderboard of catastrophe bond and ILS issuance banks & brokers


Key activities during issuance of a catastrophe bond or insurance-linked security (ILS) fall to the capital markets divisions of global reinsurance brokers, reinsurers and specialist investment bank units in arranging, structuring and marketing ILS deals.

These roles are sometimes shared, with multiple intermediaries or bankers acting as ‘joint structuring agents’ or ‘joint bookrunners’, or taken on single-handed with sole responsibility for the structuring or marketing falling to one company.

Sometimes cat bond and ILS transactions can seem to have a cast of thousands participating in getting the transaction to market, making it difficult to keep track of who’s most active, so we thought it would be useful to provide a way to visualise just how prolific some of these supporting actors are.

The newest addition to our selection of catastrophe bond and ILS market statistics, which will also be a future addition to our Catastrophe Bond & ILS Market Dashboard in the coming days once integration is complete, is a leaderboard and chart for the investment banking units that are involved in bringing cat bonds and ILS to market.

Catastrophe bond & ILS issuance banks & brokers leaderboardThe data reflects the outstanding catastrophe bond and ILS market, as defined by our Deal Directory, so currently this represents approximately $22.926 billion of outstanding cat bond and ILS issuance. We’ve done what we can to clean up our data and to include as many of the structuring, bookrunning or deal manager roles that we have information on. If you can see a transaction in our Deal Directory that you feel your firm should be added to please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We will be keeping this resource up to date both as new transactions are issued and as they mature, so this leaderboard will reflect the currently outstanding market at all times. We hope you find this of interest and a useful way to see which firms are the most prolific investment bank or broker units in the catastrophe bond and ILS issuance process.

We’ve also created a leaderboard chart for the risk modellers providing services to the outstanding catastrophe bond and ILS market. AIR Worldwide remain the most dominant currently. We hope this additional chart, which will also be updated as deals come to market and mature, will provide a useful way to track risk modellers activity in cat bonds and ILS.

This is also a good time to remind you of our chart displaying outstanding catastrophe bond and ILS issuance by sponsor, which provides an easy way to visualise the most prolific users of cat bond capacity.

We hope you find these charts useful!

Artemis Catastrophe Bond & ILS Market DashboardThe Artemis Catastrophe Bond & ILS Market Dashboard is designed to be a simple and effective tool which exposes the key data contained in the transactions found in our catastrophe bond & ILS Deal Directory, which remains the most comprehensive freely available source of ILS market data available.

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