Nephila Capital revenues drive ILS income higher at Markel in Q1

Revenues earned through the operations of Nephila Capital added significantly to Markel Corporations income from its insurance-linked securities (ILS) operations during the first-quarter of the year.Nephila Capital related ILS and collateralized reinsurance activities drove an impressive $43.2 million of revenues for Markel in the quarter, which almost helped to offset read the full article →

Nephila delivers Markel $25.3m in revenues in just a month & a half

Markel Corporation earned an impressive $25.3 million of operating revenues from its insurance-linked securities (ILS) manager Nephila Capital in 2018, despite only having acquired the firm in mid-November.In addition, Markel also registered $66.2 million of ILS related revenues from its Markel CATCo retrocessional reinsurance investment operations during the year as read the full article →

Markel’s ILS revenues rise sharply on asset growth and Nephila acquisition

Markel Corporation saw operating revenues earned from its ILS investment management operations rise sharply in 2018, coming in at $92 million for the year compared to $29 million in the prior year.Driving the increased revenue from operations managing third-party capital invested in reinsurance linked assets was the growth of assets read the full article →

Nephila acquisition completed by Markel

The acquisition of the world’s largest insurance-linked securities (ILS) and reinsurance linked investment fund manager Nephila has now been completed by Markel Corporation, positioning Markel itself as now the largest manager of third-party reinsurance capital.The 100% acquisition of ILS manager Nephila Capital by Markel was announced at the end of read the full article →

Nephila + CATCo + State National = game-changer: Markel Co-CEO’s

The acquisition of two of the largest specialist reinsurance, retrocession and insurance-linked securities (ILS) fund managers, as well as program and fronting specialist State National, is a game changer for Markel Corporation, according to the firms two Co-CEO's.Realising the synergies between all three of Nephila Capital, Markel CATCo and State read the full article →

Markel’s fee income from CATCo well ahead of expectations: Whitt

Markel Corporation continued to report a significant increase in the investment management income it has earned from its reinsurance and retrocession linked specialist ILS investment manager Markel CATCo in its third-quarter earnings.Markel's investment income from Markel CATCo has risen an impressive 166% over the first nine months of 2018, compared read the full article →

CATCo growth continues to drive higher investment fee income for Markel

Reinsurance and retrocession linked specialist ILS investment manager Markel CATCo Investment Management has continued to deliver higher investment fee income to parent Markel Corporation in the second-quarter, as the increased assets under management contributed 87% more revenue this year.The investment management income that Markel CATCo’s ILS and reinsurance linked fund read the full article →

CATCo investment fee income up 84% for Markel in first-quarter

Financial services, insurance and reinsurance giant Markel Corporation has reported a significant 84% year-on-year jump in investment management fees generated by the reinsurance and retrocession linked ILS investment activities of its specialist manager Markel CATCo Investment Management.Following a decline in investment management fees earned from Markel CATCo’s ILS and reinsurance read the full article →

Markel CATCo paid $400m+ claims in 2017 in response to catastrophes

While 2017 with its major catastrophe loss events resulted in significant impacts to reinsurance and retrocession providers, the experience served to, "demonstrate the importance of the global reinsurance market and highlight the ability of collateralized vehicles... to respond to global catastrophic risk," according to Markel CATCo.In a clear reflection of read the full article →

Markel CATCo assets under management hit $6.1bn

Markel CATCo Investment Management Ltd., the collateralized reinsurance and retrocessional investment fund manager, lifted its ILS assets under management to a new high of $6.1 billion by the end of 2017, which includes the collateral held to pay for incurred losses.As of June 2017, Markel CATCo Investment Management had grown read the full article →