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SEC director calls for greater retail investor access to private markets

A senior director of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has called for main street, or retail, investors to be given greater access to private market asset classes, to enhance the return profile of their pension portfolios. Dalia Blass, a Director of the SEC's Division of Investment Management, discussed read the full article →

Swiss pensions could allocate more to ILS, as infrastructure split from alts

Swiss pension funds, or Pensionskassen as they are known, could now allocate a greater percentage of their capital to insurance-linked securities (ILS), if they wanted to, as infrastructure investments have been carved out of the alternatives bucket. In the past, Swiss pensions were only allowed to allocate up to 15% of read the full article →

Niche hedge fund strategies (like ILS) the only ones to record Q1 inflows

Hedge funds suffered in the first-quarter of 2020, as the Covid-19 pandemic drove billions of losses and also pushed investors to seek redemptions, resulting in a significant dip in hedge fund assets under management during the period. It's no surprise, given the significant volatility experienced through March in particular, as the read the full article →

Uncorrelated returns, long-term impact remain focus for LP’s: Eaton Partners

Institutional investors surveyed by Eaton Partners remain focused on finding sources of relatively uncorrelated return from their alternative and private market investments, while the majority intend to stay with their allocations to alternative investments, citing a long-term focus. The long-term portfolio impact of an asset class remains key rather for limited read the full article →

Diversification still key driver for alternatives investing, appetites growing

Investors seeking diversified sources of return, particularly with little correlation to broader financial market factors, remain key drivers of allocations to the alternative asset classes of the world and appetite for these assets continues to grow. Data from alternative investment specialist information service provider Preqin shows that investors allocating to alternatives read the full article →

Investors look to less correlated alternatives. Bodes well for ILS: Eaton Partners

Institutional investors are generally looking to stick with their private market allocations, despite the dislocation caused to financial markets by the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, with sources of return that exhibit lower correlation seen particularly favourably, a survey by Eaton Partners found. Eaton Partners, which is part of the Stifel Financial Corp. read the full article →

Investors hunting uncorrelated alternative asset classes, ILS likely to benefit

Investors of the world are increasingly expecting a widespread downturn in the equity markets, leading to search for new sources of alternative return, particularly asset classes that are less correlated with broader financial trends, says Preqin. The Preqin investor outlook for alternative asset classes in the first-half of 2019 states that read the full article →

ILS could be attractive to $1 trillion alternatives “dry powder”

Alternative investment managers and funds are sitting on approximately $1 trillion of undeployed capital or "dry powder" and with few other attractive opportunities available, insurance and reinsurance linked investing has been cited as one of the more attractive asset classes. Alternative asset managers face a challenge currently as their investors want read the full article →

Alternative investments to expand to $14tn by 2023, niches to benefit

The alternative investments sector is forecast to see explosive growth over the coming five years, with alternative assets under management, consisting of private capital and hedge funds, likely to reach $14 trillion by 2023. According to Preqin, a tracker of data on the alternative asset management space, the industry held $8.8 read the full article →

Investor appetite for alternatives rising, diversification hunt continues

Institutional investor appetite for alternative investment asset classes is on the rise, with more investors now allocating to alternative asset classes and the main driver continues to be a hunt for diversified returns for their portfolios. The percentage of investors allocating to three or more different alternative asset classes has risen read the full article →