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Reinsurance Market Survey - H2 2021

Taking the temperature of the global reinsurance market

About the survey

Reinsurance News and Artemis teamed up again in H2 2021 to take the temperature of the global reinsurance market at the time of year when thoughts turn to renewals.

Our approach

Surveying our global readership of senior executives and industry participants through September and October, we gained fresh insight into what has been a uniquely challenging backdrop to this year's renewal discussions.

We also wanted to analyse market sentiment as 1/1 2022 approaches, against the mixed backdrop of rate increases and loss volatility.

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The respondents

Hundreds of identifiable senior insurance, reinsurance & ILS industry executives, including 32 CEO's or Partners, 17 CUO's, 8 COO's, Chairmen, Vice Chairmen, reinsurance buyers, senior underwriting executives, ILS managers, portfolio specialists and service providers.

Survey Results

To begin, here are a few insights into the demographics of our reinsurance market survey respondents

As you'll see below, the majority of respondents have responsibility for, or provide input to, reinsurance and retrocession buying decisions

First, we asked our respondents to describe their feelings about reinsurance renewals so far in 2021

We then asked respondents for their price expectations for the following lines of business at the 1/1 2022 renewals

Our next question identified the primary focus of reinsurance buying in Jan 2022

Focus then naturally shifted towards identifying the key factors protection buyers consider when choosing a reinsurance counterparty

We asked whether protection buyers intend to purchase more or less reinsurance or retrocession, and from which sources?

We were also keen to understand how respondents saw ILS’ influence playing out over the next few years

We asked how respondents feel about the industry's ability to weather future major events, like pandemics

As M&A has been a hot topic in recent years, we asked whether the days of super-large deals are over

The industry seems split on how positive the future looks

So we asked what roadblocks to profitability may be ahead in the near-term

Finally, we asked what some of the top priorities will be for the industry in 2022

We hope you've found these insights into the state of the reinsurance market useful.

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Global Reinsurance Market Survey
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