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Reinsurance Market Survey - H2 2018

Taking the temperature of the global reinsurance market

About the survey

Reinsurance News and Artemis have teamed up to take the temperature of the global reinsurance market at what is a key time for the industry.

What we did

We reached out directly to senior executives in the industry and key contacts, as well as our global readership, to ask their takes on the state of reinsurance today (Aug/Sep 2018).

We wanted to analyse reinsurance market sentiment while the recovery from the losses of 2017 continues and thoughts turn to January 2019, against a backdrop of moderating rate increases.

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The respondents

All identifiable senior reinsurance industry executives, including 24 CEO's, 18 CUO's, 14 COO's, a number of Chairmen or Vice Chairmen, reinsurance buyers, senior underwriting executives, ILS managers, and service providers.

Survey Results

To begin, here are a few insights into the demographics of our reinsurance market survey respondents

As you'll see below, the majority of respondents have responsibility for, or provide input to, reinsurance and retrocession buying decisions

We began by asking respondents their price expectations for the following lines of business at the 1/1 2019 renewals

We continued by determining what amount or type of industry-wide catastrophic losses could meaningfully turn the market

We were keen to understand how respondents saw ILS’ influence playing out in the near-future

Our next question identified the primary focus of reinsurance buying in Jan 2019

Determining the key factors that protection buyers consider when choosing a reinsurance counterparty was the next logical step

Finally, what about demand? Will protection buyers be securing more or less reinsurance and from which sources?

We hope you've enjoyed this insight into the state of the reinsurance market and found the results interesting and perhaps useful.
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Global Reinsurance Market Survey
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