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Tar Heel Re cat bond grows to $500m, follows trend on lower pricing

News 25th March 2013

The trend for recent catastrophe bonds to see very attractive terms and pricing continues with North Carolina wind pools, the North Carolina Joint Underwriters Assn. (NCJUA) and the North Carolina Insurance Underwriters Assn. (NCIUA), Tar Heel Re Ltd. (Series 2013-1) cat bond. As insurance linked securities (ILS) investors demonstrate once again their strong appetite for […]

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Hurricane Irene batters Bahamas, takes aim at U.S. coast

News 26th August 2011

Hurricane Irene has now left the Bahamas islands behind after striking them with devastating winds and storm surges. The main capital of Nassau escaped the brunt of the storm but other, less inhabited islands such as Abaco, took a near direct hit and will be counting the cost this morning. Historic hurricanes have caused as […]

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Hurricane Irene a potential threat to many catastrophe bonds

News 24th August 2011

Hurricane Irene has now intensified into a major Category 3 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 115mph. The storm is forecast to intensify further as she makes her way through the Bahamas before heading for the U.S. coastline. Where exactly she will hit the U.S. coast, or if she even will, is still uncertain with […]

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The catastrophe bond transactions issued during 2010

News 4th January 2011

Here’s a useful list of all of the catastrophe bonds we have recorded as issued during the year 2010. Each deal is linked to our catastrophe bond deal directory where you can read more details on the transaction structure and cover provided by each cat bond. By our reckoning there were 26 deals issued about […]

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Could state windstorm plans survive a hurricane?

News 25th September 2010

Most U.S. states which are at risk of landfalling hurricanes have state windstorm plans and pools which are designed to be insurers of last resort for people living in high-risk zones where getting any insurance cover is difficult. So as the ultimate backstop for some states how would they fair if a major hurricane hit?

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