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Merna Reinsurance III Ltd. catastrophe bond likely

News 16th July 2010

It looks like we will see a third transaction from State Farm in the Merna Reinsurance series of catastrophe bond deals. Merna Re, the first deal was issued in June 2007 and Merna Re II was issued in April 2010. That sets the scene for a deal every three years  as one transaction expires and […]

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State Farm completes Merna Reinsurance II catastrophe bond

News 9th April 2010

State Farm has completed it’s latest catastrophe bond issue Merna Reinsurance II Ltd. The deal began being marketed at a value of $250m and completed at $350m. That’s well below the mooted $400m-$700m that the market was expecting but we believe that was wishful thinking due to the size of their previous Merna Re deal. […]

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