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SCOR completes Atlas Reinsurance VII catastrophe bond

News 6th November 2012

French reinsurer SCOR has completed its latest catastrophe bond, securing approximately $228m of multi-year retrocessional reinsurance cover for itself on a fully collateralised basis. Atlas Reinsurance VII Limited saw SCOR offload certain U.S. hurricane, U.S. earthquake and European windstorm risks to capital market investors on both aggregate and per-occurrence basis’ using industry loss index triggers.

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Atlas Reinsurance VII multi-peril catastrophe bond marketing for SCOR

News 17th October 2012

Regular catastrophe bond sponsor, French reinsurer SCOR, are returning to the cat bond market for another Atlas issuance. The latest Atlas cat bond see’s them revert back to the original naming convention that they began their ILS market ventures with, using an issuing entity named Atlas Reinsurance VII Limited. The ninth cat bond transaction in […]

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Scor announce closure of Atlas Reinsurance V catastrophe bond

News 19th February 2009

Scor have officially announce the closure of it’s Atlas Reinsurance V catastrophe bond today. This is the news the market has been waiting to hear, the successful resumption of the cat bond market after a period of uncertainty and zero issuance due to the economic climate and failure of Lehmans. It’s the first cat bond […]

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Atlas Reinsurance V catastrophe bond delayed

News 10th February 2009

Scor’s catastrophe bond Atlas Reinsurance V has been delayed slightly. Originally expected to close out on the 5th of February, it’s now expected that pricing will be firmed up this week and the bond will  next week. You can find more details on the Atlas Re V deal in our Deal Directory.

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