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The following sections provide an overview of ART, alternative risk and reinsurance concepts, catastrophe bonds, insurance-linked securities and insurance linked investments, collateralized reinsurance, weather risk management & trading and more of the key topics that tend to crop up. There is some good beginners reading material and for those with a little more confidence some advanced research material as well. This area is going to grow so please keep coming back.

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ILS & Catastrophe Bond Market Reports

Artemis catastrophe bond & insurance-linked securities (ILS) market reports

This is Artemis’ own quarterly catastrophe bond and ILS market report, providing a look at the new risk capital issued and the composition of the cat bond and ILS transactions completed each quarter.

 Catastrophe Bond & Insurance-Linked Securities (ILS) Topics

General Reinsurance Topics:

Alternative Risk Transfer, Collateralized & Alternative Reinsurance Topics:

Weather Risk Management & Trading Topics

Weather Trading Data Sources

Cat bond, ILS and reinsurance reading for beginners

We’re seeing some demand for simple beginners explanations of concepts and topics that Artemis covers. These pages have been created to give people seeking an intro or understanding to catastrophe bonds, insurance linked securities and reinsurance capital a place to read and learn more about them.

Artemis catastrophe bond ILS DashboardAnalyse catastrophe bond market issuance using the Artemis Dashboard and Charts.

We’ve tracked more than 650 cat bonds and related ILS transactions since 1996, all of which are included in our extensive Deal Directory.

Use the Artemis Dashboard and our Cat Bond Market Charts to analyse this market!